“Drops of water turn a mill – singly none, singly none”

As my friends post notices that they voted, my thoughts keep returning to the Pete Seeger song “Step By Step”, from his 1998 album “If I Had a Hammer – Songs of Hope and Struggle”: Step by step, the longest march Can be won, can be won Many stones can form an arch Singly none,Continue reading ““Drops of water turn a mill – singly none, singly none””

Virtual Choir Rehearsals That Are Fun, Musically Enriching, and Socially Connected

Yes, it is possible to have enjoyable, entertaining, educational choir rehearsals online that will leave choir members feeling musically enriched and socially connected. The first part of this article gives some background and ideas for the general approach. The second part gives specific suggestions that can be used to provide interest and variety in theContinue reading “Virtual Choir Rehearsals That Are Fun, Musically Enriching, and Socially Connected”

Kol Nidrei Reflection 5781 (2020)

Kol Nidrei is the prayer that opens the evening service at the beginning of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It is of such great significance that the entire service is referred to as the Kol Nidrei service. Although it is often referred to as a prayer, technically Kol Nidrei is not a prayer butContinue reading “Kol Nidrei Reflection 5781 (2020)”

Education this fall on-line, not in-person 09 August 2020

========================================================================= DISCLAIMER: The following is my personal opinion. It may differ from recommendations given by some policymakers, medical organizations, and educational institutions. I do not speak as a representative of any organization, medical or otherwise. And this is not medical advice, tailored to your individual situation – for that, you should consult your personal medicalContinue reading “Education this fall on-line, not in-person 09 August 2020”